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Stage 4

The „in vitro” models proved the efficacy of red clover and fenugreek extracts as cellular protectors for normal cells from tumours niche (fibroblasts and keratinocytes) through intrinsic antioxidant action (gluthation stimulation) as well as the extrinsic one (intracellular oxygen reactive species inhibition).

Completing the results on skin melanoma presented in the previous stage of the project, it was highlighted the efficacy of these phytoestrogenic extracts as adjuvants in anti-tumour co-therapies through pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative actions on prostate adenocarcinoma – DU145 cell line. The anti-metastatic action profile was also defined through the inhibition of essential factors of invasiveness (VEGF- angiogenesis promoter; metalloproteinases MMP2 and MMP9). The originality of the new co-therapies configuration was accomplished by certain entomological compounds impact on tumours spread, inducing VEGF and MMP inhibition.

The marketing strategy will be based on the active promoting of the innovation, focused on the introduction into the pharmaceutical range of a nano-molecular complex with a porphyrinic nucleus, synergistically associated with phyto-estrogenic or entomological compounds. This will be achieved by launching new pharmaceutical forms and dosage forms that allow the optimal ratio for effective dose release / therapeutic response. All the marketing stages will be closely coordinated with the product development algorithm.

The studies offer relevant data in theranostics progression, especially in the field of associated multivalent agents, as well as oxidative balance rehabilitation of the adjacent healthy tissue after photodynamic therapy.