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Stage 1

“Theranostics” is a global medical concept combining imaging and therapy to optimize personalized medical plans. Considering the need for this type of personalized therapy, very well-targeted in pathological cancer, the research project has terranostic objective in cancer. Taking advantage of potential biomedical nanoparticles and versatility (NP) and porphyrin fluorescence as photosensitizers will be able to evaluate synergism of action by designing, manufacturing and characterizing imaging of biopolymer / porphyrinic waving NPS-coated and superior photothermal and anti-photodynamic tumor properties.

In this first stage, we have defined the concept and the algorithm of action of the structural groups in a possible and efficient traceability.
Based on the development of experimental protocols to determine the toxicity and specific activity profile, a preliminary study was conducted to assess the dark cytotoxicity of new tetraprolic compounds candidates for photodynamic therapy (PDT). 

These were designed, realized and characterized physically and chemically by some partners in the consortium (UMF «Carol Davila», the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Institute of Physical Chemistry «Ilie Murgulescu»).

The experimental study considered a specific relevant model using keratinocites and fibroblast cells as the basic constituents of the stroma in animal tissues.