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Prototip de produse medicamentoase cu eliberare controlata pe baza de compozite zeolit – chitosan

Real time stages of the project


Stage 1

“Theranostics” is a global medical concept combining imaging and therapy to optimize personalized medical plans […]

Stage II

Research focused on photosensitizers’ toxicity / efficacy profile continued in this stage with „in vitro” studies on cytotoxicity and incorporation of porphyrinic compounds P.1.2 and P.4.2 […]

Stage III

At this stage of the project, there have been defined optimized procedures for „in vitro”, preclinical investigations of nano-systems and photosensitizers […]

Stage IV

The „in vitro” models proved the efficacy of red clover and fenugreek extracts as cellular protectors for normal cells from tumours niche (fibroblasts and keratinocytes) through […]


Short Abstract

Considering the compelling need for personalized and targeted therapy in cancer, the main objective is to design, produce and characterize new theranostic agents (polymer-coated nanoparticles with porphyrins) for photodynamic therapy. Pharmacological modulation of the endogenous antioxidant system will be used as co-therapy. Applied research for product development in preclinical setting will be complemented by advanced mechanistic studies. The project meets the M-ERA.NET topic “Tailoring of bioactive material surfaces for health applications”.